Jerome’s Custom “The Junglist” Dicer Mapping 1.0 for Traktor 2.5

View weeks ago Traktor 2.5 upgrade is released, and I have a free upgrade license, so I instal it right away and its about time to upgrade my custom Dicer mapping to that version to. The mapping design itself got some mapping from the Dj Tech Tools Dicer mapping, so half of the credits goes to them. You can check their mapping here

After twidling for view days finaly my dicer mapping is done and I decided to share this, as many of you asking me at the parties what is this little device doing in my sets . I’ve named this mapping : The Junglist Dicer Mapping 1.0, well its fits the way I mix as a DnB Dj.

You can download all the files here : Junglist Dicer Mapping 1.0

Why Dicer ? As my modern way of djing is still using the oldskool principal which is using 2 turntables with time code vinyls and I’m not so keen to use big MIDI controller like S4 or VCM series for Traktor, so Dicer from Novation is my preferd MIDI controller for Traktor as this litlle device is very simple but effective to extend the turnatable / cdj flexibilty, its like having 2 Technics 1200 on steroids, with more cue points, loopings, FX and even trigger samples but can still the have the wonderfull feeling of using analog wheels.

For you all not getting confused, let me explain little bit how I do this. First, all common deck control like cueing, pitch control, tempo bend still using the time code vinyls / cds and all beatmatching I done it live, I don’t use sync as its takes out the fun of djing ( except in special bad TT condition ). Second for loading track into decks, scrolling track, scrolling playlist & favorites, lay out etc, I mapp the controlers into the laptop keyboards . I don’t mind going back to my laptops in my set as I offten have to type on the search window to find my tunes faster, but with this keyboard mapping using mouse / trackpad is minimalized.

Before using the Junglist mapping, there is some things that you have to set up on your Traktor first to use this mapping correctly. You have to set FX unit 1 and 2 in group & insert mode and assign the fx unit button to ON. In deck A is FX unit 1 and deck B is FX unit 2.

In each FX unit you have to set it like this :

Slot 1 is Beatmasher
Slot 2 is Gater
Slot 3 is T3Delay

To achive this also very important for you to set up each fx slot like this sequence :

So my mapping trigger the right FX, as traktor FX slot doesn’t choose the FX by its name but by the sequence of the FX. I include a tsi file for my effect settings, try to load that and check it, are the sequence the same like the above pictures, if not try to sequence it by your self. How to sequence the FX you can go to to the preferences setting – Effect – FX pre selection

If you don’t like my FX sequence, you can do your own sequence but you have to manualy re mapp the FX target to each FX on the controller mapping editor ( see this pic )

For loading the Dicer .tsi file you can import the file using the small import window.

Its possible you have to delete your other MDI mapping as it may causes conflicting midi command.

So now lets get in into Dicer, the first mode is a standart cue point set & play./ trigger, cue point that already pre sign are directly loaded to dicer with the sign of each knob led in red. Multi cue point is one of my favor in using Traktor, its very usefull for fast cuein in different possition of a tune, it can shorten or extented a tune lenght when you need it, especialy with tunes that got short intro or outro. It also can be a machine drum by triggering the cue point if you set each button to each drum sound like the kick, snare or even vocal, its like instant live drumming & remixing. The shift mode is for deleting the assigned cue points.

The second mode on the top layer is for looping your track on each deck, not only you can on / off the looping, you can set the loop size by pressing the 1 & 2 Button to left and right. The other 2 button ( 4 & 5 ) is for the transport button for each deck, 4 is for CUE/ sync & 5 for Play or Pause + sync. I used this mode when I facing trouble with a bad turntable or cdjs condition, that don’t allow me to have a good manual beatmatching. Just make shure all you tunes already perfecly beatgridded to use this features. Sometimes I remapp this button to deck C & D so i have 4 deck ready to play, 2 with timecode, 2 internally.
The Shift mode is for tempo bend on button 1 & 2 if you play the deck A & B internally. The last 3 ( 1, 2, 3 ) is for instant FX triggering : 2 gater FX setting ( button 3 & 4) and 1 for T3delay FX to get the dubby space delay effec ( button 5 )

The third mode on the top layer is for the loop roll effect like on Serato, but it use the beatmasher FX, its like looping the tune but the tune itself still continue rolling bellow on time. I offten use this for amen break retriggering to get the oldskool 90’s jungle vibe. Every button got different value of beatmashing.
On the shift mode I use 4 button ( 4,3,2,1 ) for triggering samples from the remix deck slots. I like to trigger some FX samples in my sets like Horns, Laser Guns, sirens, reagge shouts etc to get the oldskool ragga soundsystem dj vibe or to just hype up the crowd. A note for this is better set the quantize grid at OFF on remix deck C & D for instant retrigerring short samples (see pic below )

Button no 5 is to set Play + sync on each remix deck, make sure you hit this first before retriggering the samples slots as the slots wouldn’t play if the deck still on stop/pause. Other info you should know that Native Instrument still lock many of the remix deck features for the F1 controller ( bad move NI !! ), so for other Midi Controller, mapping of the remix deck is still very limited and only can use the 4 top sample slots on each remix deck. To change the samples you have to manualy drag with mouse/trackpad to the sample slots. I hope I can upgrade the remix deck mapping when NI decide to unlock this features or just wait for the midi hackers to open this up. God news is you can save your remix deck sets in 2.5 so you can recall it anytime .

For more detailed picture of this dicer mapping please see this chart below :

So I hope you can use and like my dicer mapping, feel free to re design this mapping for your custom use and don’t forget to share with me and other dicer user out there .. Enjoy.

If you like using I Pad you should try Dj Random’s Touch Osc Mapping for Traktor
Check it out here Random’s Touch Osc Traktor Mapping

More info about Dicer go to Novation’s Dicer


2 responses

  1. novation dicer are a good midi controller. I have made a revision on my blog, check it out

    September 1, 2012 at 18:46

  2. cristian

    I have a problems wiht the exit loop… dosn´t out…. but all of the other features works perfectly. Thanks so much, and sorry for my english, i´m from chile. i hope you can help me. thnks again!!! 😀

    February 24, 2014 at 10:17

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