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After all these years of waiting the impossible, finally here comes to Jakarta the grand master of  3 turntables of drum n bass, the king of double droping madness, the living legend world  NO 1 DnB DJ , No 4 in Mixmag’s ‘Greatest DJ Of All Time’, or even one of the best real DJ in the world regardless of gerne , and they call him THE EXECUTIONER , the one and only  ANDY C  is here !!! . Not only that, add more weight for all you heavy bass addict here, the original pioneers behind dubstep scene, the godfathers of low frequency  SKREAM & BENGA is also gonna shake and smash all your heads to pieces !!!

Now its time for all that called them self  Junglist & Steppas, Bassheadz & Ravers, Rudebw0y & Skatebwoy , Oldskool or NuSkool, whatever step you like  or even the retired ones to roll out to NEON JUNGLE – BLOWFISH on Wednesday , 8 May 2013 and show to the Don’s what is the Indonesian Underground Bass scene is all about and rock the night like you never did before. Even Ismaya Live & Blowfish as the promotor ,  gonna step up their sound system specialy for this night only.. So what all you waiting for…. Jump Up .. Step & Bounce and Dance Like Nobody’s Watching !!!


Regarded as one of the greatest DJs ever to touch a turntable, the Ram Records founder has relentlessly dedicated almost two decades of his life to the music he loves, flying across the globe week in, week out, to demonstrate a mastery of craft that has earnt him a status as one of the most iconic and important figures in global dance music culture.
Much more than just a DJ, Andy C is a true figurehead for the drum & bass movement, within which he has been an instrumental player since its very beginnings; his DJ sets and own seminal productions helping to evolve the genre through the many stages of its evolution. Andy’s dedication to dance music is only matched by his list of achievements, and his is a journey that has taken him from sneaking into raves in barns as a 13 year old, to the glamorous terraces of Space in Ibiza and being invited to speak at Oxford University.
Ram’s third release, the classic ‘Valley Of The Shadows’ (with Ant Miles under the Origin Unknown moniker) in 1993, assured Andy a place in the history of dance music at the age of just 16, but the teenager from Essex wasn’t about to rest on his laurels. As the 1990s went on, and Drum & Bass emerged from Jungle, Andy’s impeccable DJ sets consolidated his status as an essential at any big rave, while Ram continued to develop into one of the most forward thinking and consistent labels in dance music.
Two albums followed for Origin Unknown, ‘Speed Of Sound’ and ‘Sound In Motion’ in 1997 and 1998 respectively, before Andy and Ant linked up within another long-standing local friend, Shimon, to form the mighty Ram Trilogy. In 1999 the trio released ‘Molten Beats’, a landmark drum & bass album that signified just how far the genre come in the few short years since the emergence of Jungle in the early-90s.
DJing more than ever, in almost every corner of the planet, Andy was – and continues to be – repeatedly voted Number One at every D&B awards ceremony going, confirming his reputation for near super-human skills behind the turntables with every set, and demonstrating a technical and musical erudition that led to his fond labelling as a ‘robot’ by the fans that religiously attended the packed-out Ram events at The End nightclub in London’s West End.
In 2003 Andy released the first in his ‘Nightlife’ mix series, winning universal acclaim for its selection and construction and spawning four further instalments over the years that would follow.
Despite this incredible career, the future is set for only bigger and better things for a man who has dedicated the vast majority of his life to the music he loves and believes in. After a year that saw him unleash the latest ‘Nightlife’, moving the Ram nights to London’s Fabric superclub, signing a whole raft of fresh talent to the label and even lecturing at Oxford University, as the new decade develops the man they call ‘The Executioner’ isn’t softening up… in fact, he’s sharpening his axe.

Awards & Honours:
DJ Mag Top 100 Best D&B DJ – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
National D&B Awards Best DJ – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Drum & Bass Arena Awards Best DJ – 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010
Knowledge Mag Best DJ – 1999, 2000, 2003
Accelerated Culture Best DJ – 2002, 2003, 2004
Mixmag Greatest DJ Of All Time – No.4
Southwest Awards Best DJ – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
DJ Mag Top 100 Highest Climber – 2010
Accelerated Culture Outstanding Achievement – 2004
National D&B Awards Lifetime Achievement – 2008
National D&B Awards Best Album – 2011
BBC 1Xtra Icon Award – 2007
Drum & Bass Arena Hall of Fame – 2009
Future Music Awards Best International DJ – 2009
Hardcore Dance awards Best DJ – 1997


SKREAM, a natural born modernist, has a wicked range of sounds that cover hip hop, bass-wobbling dubstep, dreamy electronica, a dark and tribal so-called dubstep, and a strong dose of euphoric jungle. Now he’s switching up his DJ sets to include 4/4, techno, garage and grime and, hosting his Rinse FM show alongside Benga–where listeners get to hear new tunes and Skream and Benga’s inimitable banter. This is just one of his awesome bass sounds:

BENGA, a funny, bright, charismatic, and like all genius musicians, a bit mad, Benga’s enigmatic personality shines both behind the decks and within his music. Since Night and his acclaimed 2008 album Diary Of An Afro Warrior, Benga has propelled club music in many directions. There’s always bass – loads of bass – but he refuses to be limited by a sound or scene. Benga has done big business with subterranean basslines, evocative instrumentation and undeniable choruses, placing him in the upper echelons of producer/remixers working right now. Hear “Night”, one of the classic dubstep anthem from 2007:

And now, known for their bass-centric brand of sci-fi sonics, at last the pair will bring the real sound of bass to the audiences of Jakarta. From their early studio releases on Big Apple Records to their group project Magnetic Man, these childhood friends have put in the necessary work to take their sound from its niche London origins to an awesome level of international prominence. Step to it!

To accompany these heavy weights,
Our best local talents gonna guide you , warm up & close the night properly, so make sure you come early to avoid disappointment

Jerome & DFMC (Javabass)
Sixteen (Dafkaf)
Mc Drwe
Vj Eyespinner

beatz rolling 10pm onwards

PRESALE TICKET Rp. 100K ( already available at all Pizzaebirra, Shushigroove on your fave malls , Blowfish , or get it online at : , only available till the end of this month , so get it now !!!

See you all on the dance floor !!

For RSVP 085710800001
Follow @BLOWF1SH For More Info
info & Ticketing


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