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Jerome’s Custom “The Junglist” Dicer Mapping 1.0 for Traktor 2.5

View weeks ago Traktor 2.5 upgrade is released, and I have a free upgrade license, so I instal it right away and its about time to upgrade my custom Dicer mapping to that version to. The mapping design itself got some mapping from the Dj Tech Tools Dicer mapping, so half of the credits goes to them. You can check their mapping here

After twidling for view days finaly my dicer mapping is done and I decided to share this, as many of you asking me at the parties what is this little device doing in my sets . I’ve named this mapping : The Junglist Dicer Mapping 1.0, well its fits the way I mix as a DnB Dj.

You can download all the files here : Junglist Dicer Mapping 1.0


Javabass Deck’N’FX practice session for Reload:11

Reload:11, Javabass Crew’s 11th anniversary is going down tonight. In the past week the Javabass boys have been busy, huddled up inside Random’s studio, preparing for tonight’s performance. This time around they’ve decided to do something different and it requires a bit of tinkering to their set. The past week has been a frustrating week with multiple technical difficulties before they eventually settled down with their current setup. “We decide to go ol’ skool relying on our ears, no need to rely on MIDI and its potential pitfalls!”, says Jerome.

Here, we have some pics and video of last night’s session. Not as chaotic as the previous night but it looks like gonna be an excellent performance. So don’t miss tonight’s performance and come early to Reload:11 at 365 Eco Bar, Kemang, Jakarta. The party starts at 10pm till end with special Javabass All Stars Decks N FX set plus appearance by TRAX FM’s Groovebox host Akira Astronaughty and DFMC + MC Drift. There will be free T-Shirt giveaway too. See y’all there!

London Elektricity Drum Processing

Nice tutorial on how to fatten up your drum. Nice tips for drum’n’bass and other style of music too. So, get creative and create new tracks. When you’re done with your track, send it to us. We’re constantly looking for new talents to be released on our label.

Creating Pendulum drums in Reason

Was browsing around in youtube and run into this. This guy nailed it on Reason. Much respect!

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 is coming soon!

As proponent users of Traktor Scratch Pro (TSP), Javabass is getting very excited with the upcoming release of TSP2. Traktor Scratch Pro 2 is almost here and promises to be something that is quiet exciting with its 4 sampler recorder. Now is the time to get really creative with your mix, not just moving from track A to track B kind of DJing anymore. In the meantime, checkout the video about Traktor Scratch Pro 2 from Native Instruments

There’s also a quick run video run through of TSP2 from one of our favorite site DJ Techtools.

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 is available at Native Instruments Store and retailers near you on April.