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OUT NOW! “Homegrown 3: Summer Compilation” by Javabass Recordings

OUT NOW!!! Our Homegrown 3: Summer compilation is out and available at Spotify:

Its also available at Apple Music, Deezer, Joox, itunes and many more..

This annual release from Javabass Recordings, will be your summer Drum And Bass anthems. Javabass Recordings launched their ‘Homegrown 3: Drum & Bass Summer Compilation’ series and it has become one of the most recognisable compilation series in Indonesia. This year’s edition features 8 new tracks from the hottest DNB Artists from Indonesia & South East Asia for your perfect summer, including: DVTR, Muztang, Jerome, OSGD, Random, Manuxia, and Evo Evolver.

LISTEN to the Minimix at our Soundcloud, check out our Youtube Playlist, or STREAM HERE

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Photos from GOLDIE at The Goods Diner, Jkt

Photo by Nareend

Photo by Nareend

A very historical night for Indonesia’s DnB Scene. Presented by Ashram, Mindfame & Javabass Crew. Big up everybody that came and smashed the party. Jungle Rules!!

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Photos from PHUNKTION:102


PHUNKTION:102 The Junglette Edition has become one of our unforgettable night, thanks to you junglettes, and jungliest that rocked and bounce all night long at Soupanova Ecosky last Saturday. It’s been one helluva night we must say, and we can’t wait to see you guys next month on the next PHUNKTION!
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RELOAD 14 Photos


Check out the pictures from our 14 Anniversary celebration  last friday , nothing fancy but like always .. amazing vibe , good friends & music , thanks everyone that came & enjoy the vibe . Also thanks so much to Monstore for having us this past 2 years .. the journey will continue….



PHUNKTION100 Photos & Video


Finally we reach number 100, never in our mind that we think that Phunktion gonna reach and survive this far 11 years ago. All the sweat, tears and blood are rolled away with happiness and disbelieve , it was a very emotional and amazing night for us. It would never been this crazy if is not came from all the junglist and phunktioniers support, love and energy that you have gave to us, thanks so much for believing us and enjoy the music that we all love to play. We only can say RESPECT to you guys.

Big Shout and thanks to all Go A Head People team, Soupanova , all media Partners, All Talent and Artist , DJ , VJ , MC and for most the junglist , see you at the Future Of Phunktion … coming soon, in the mean while enjoy these pictures from that night.

PICTURES COURTESY / OWNED by : NAREEND K, ADI BLAK, JEROME C. VIDEO COURTESY OF A plus Team , Cek ombak Project , Soupanova EcoSky . all rights reserved

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GoAheadPeople presents #PHUNKTION100 – Friday 26.09 at Soupanova Ecosky


Junglists, the time we’ve all been waiting for is here. Our legendary drum’n’bass night, PHUNKTION:100 will land soon. For nearly 11 years, PHUNKTION has made marks in both local and international dance scenes. Those who remember the humble beginning of JAVABASS events will know this special occasions. We want to bring back that vibe with best artists and friendliest crowd around. For those who never made it to PHUNKTION, now is your chance to experience and be part of Indonesian dance music and JAVABASS history.

PHUNKTION has always been our passion since day one. Started back in 2003 during the rise of Jakarta Underground dance/club scene, many clubs and labels/crews from different musical genres are starting to sprung up all over. Events and parties are happening all over Jakarta in a healthy competitive atmosphere. In order to stand out from the crowd we need to come up with a brand name that can become synonymous with drum & bass. We need a name that junglist can identify with their music. That’s when PHUNKTION was born. PHUNKTION means many things. first, it means the drum & bass scene is running, functioning properly, and are here to stay. Second, what separates drum & bass with other dance music is the FUNK and that’s what it’s all about. Third, phunk can also be associated with Punk. Our scene always operate according to our own ethos and very deep in DIY mentality, we are the Punk of dance music.

Through times, many venues and clubs became part of this small dance movement. From swanky jazz club Mardigras, the posh A2 Club, the underground Parc, the homely West Pacific, Willow, Phoenix, D’Barons, and the trendy 365Ecobar & Monstore Bar, they all helped made PHUNKTION becomes a legendary night with bigger crowd, more guest DJs and MCs playing and sponsors and magazine exposure that comes along the way. We’ve received 4 Paranoia Awards for Best DNB night and nominated numerous time on many dance music awards and end of the year best of list. PHUNKTION also intrumental in discovering new talents in both DJs and productions resulting in the founding of Javabass Recordings. Not only rocking Jakarta, we occasionally brought PHUNKTION on the road with our small tour tour Jogjakarta, Bali, Bandung and Lampung. One thing is certain. Clubs, DJs, ravers, and music trend come and go but PHUNKTION has managed to survive the test of time thanks to the support from all of you junglist! You are the reason why we do PHUNKTION all these years. To celebrate this moment, JAVABASS together with Go Ahead People have collaborate to put together PHUNKTION:100 a celebration of our small music, art, photography, fashion, culture and community.

Go Beyond Music!

Go Ahead People supports the 4 subculture of art in music, visual art, photography and fashion. Now, they have become synonymous with the creative movement in Indonesian youth.

With the tagline “Go Beyond Music”, Go Ahead People have consistently held that facilitate not only musician but also other art forms and avenue to exhibit their works to the public.

With the same mission, to develop local creative industry, Go Ahead People is collaborating with Javabass to present PHUNKTION:100 0n September 2014. It’s an event that will showcase Drum & Bass, Visual Art, Photo and Fashion exhibition in one night under one roof.

The Show

For this 100 edition not only all Javabass Soundsystem latest rooster : JEROME, RANDOM, ADDER , OSGD will be taking charge the music deck and DFMC , MC DRIFT will be spitting the mic, we also have a special guests that  will rock the dancefloor for sure . First we have ASTRONAUGHTY  a young and well established Dj & Producer in the national EDM circuit, then we also have this amazing Live PA trio  – CEK OMBAK PROJECT that will take you through to an experimental journey of Jungle, Dub, Hip Hop clash with traditional tripy soundscape. Not forget the infamous YACKO will also taking charge the mic to make sure everyone will stay on their feet and bounce all night

This time, PHUNKTION collaborate with Go Ahead People will present Visual art installation by THE GLOBALPORT, ISHA HENING, PGGW, NSANE5, and 2ND BITE. There’s also Phunktion photography exhibiton by NAREEND, ALI THE BEAT, and KEKE TUMBUAN.

There will be our  PHUNKTION:100 special limited edition T-shirts available for sale ( bring extra cash for this) , also free mix CDs give away, and loads of stickers.

The Date & Time 

Make sure you all come to Soupanova Eco Sky  on FRIDAY 26 September 14 , by 10 PM,  so not to miss any of the Dj sets and get your best spot to roll n bounce the bass

The Venue

Soupanova Eco Sky  has its roots and background in Berlins vivid bar and restaurant scene. It has superb FUNKTION 1 soundsystem and thrilling Jakarta night city view as its located on The GKM GREEN TOWER rooftop. This typical locations with a typical style, which we refer to as berlin wall -style, that are unique in atmosphere and character. They also has a lot of gigs that consists of non mainstream music going on, and that includes Techno , Deep House & Drum n Bass . Soupanova combine café, restaurant, bar and club in one location in order to maximize convenience and comfort for the visitor. Even their dress code policy is DRESS DOWN TO COOL DOWN, so all you junglist don’t have to worry about the usual dress up / high heels door  policy like other clubs , you all can wear comfortable clothes & shoes to maximize your dancing moves .

Cek Out their FB for more info :


here is the full map if you wanna be sure

soupanova map

Let’s dance like nobody’s watching!




Done the last 2 digit number 99 , like always it was amazing vibe & warm atmosphere in booth room despite its raining hard outside , thanks for everyone that came and rock the night . See you in final PHUNKTION 100 on the 18th next month, need all your prayer so we can host a very special guest for that night , see you all there  …

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‘Ink & Paint’ received AMI nomination

One of Javabass Recordings release, a collaboration between our own Random & Yacko ‘Ink & Paint’ received AMI nomination (Indonesian equivalent to Grammy) in Best Hiphop Song category.

They are out now and available at the following stores:
Juno Download:

Interview with Kuassa

Featured Image -- 3479

Our own Random is featured on an interview at KUASSA’s site. KUASSA is a plug-in developer from Bandung Indonesia.

Lawrence a.k.a. Random

Kuassa is a plug-in developer based in Bandung, Indonesia. They are known for their Vermillion Amplification, a guitar amp modeller and also some great FX plug-ins such as my favorite the Kratos Maximizer and the excellent EVE AT Equalizer. All their products received rave review from music publications such as Computer Music and Future Music. Computer Music love Vermillion so much that they even asked Kuassa to create a Computer Music Edition that comes with every issue of Computer Music. These guys hooked me up with some of their products and now Kratos has become an indispensable tool in my production. They recently did intervies with me to featured in their site and here it is.

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Photos from Phunktion 93


Another amazing vibes and sets at Phunktion 93 , thanks everyone that came and rock the night. Here’s some pictures for you to enjoy . See you at the next Phunktion.

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