Javabass Soundsystem

Javabass 03

Javabass is a  drum n bass soundsystem, based in Jakarta. It was created by Jerome, FanDyFMC, Tara, and Josef in late 1999 and originally acted as a fraternity place for new recruits with a mission to create and strengthen the “jungle scene” in Indonesia where all junglist can gather round and enjoy the music they love. Along the way…Javabass added, reform, modified its body and since 2005 consisted of :

  • – Jerome            : DJ, Producer, Promoter
  • – FanDyFMC    : MC, Vocalist
  • – Random          : DJ, Producer, Designer
  • – MC Drift          : MC
  • – Adder              : DJ
  • – OSGD              : DJ

For more than 9 years now Javabass has made a mark in the Indonesian underground dance scene where before there are only Trance and House parties, and this evidently found at the various drum n bass parties happened throughout each year, from the earlier Junglably Loud and Artcore Nation to the more up-to-date sessions like Phunktion and Therapy. 
The establishment of Javabass itself has had its impact on certain groups of people also in different cities, prompting them to form similar type of dj/ mc clusters, consequently broadening the scope of Indonesia’s drum n bass scene. Collaborations were soon followed and resulted in parties like Animated Arena, Heavyweight Soundclash, Back2back Session, Liquid Drumz, and Ignition.   
Javabass has also worked with respected labels/organizers from other genres,  like Future, Dub Container, Echosystem, Original Naro and Nepathya in bringing some of the biggest rave and International DJ’s in Indonesia, namely Higher Level, Rhythm Unity, Destination One, Jakarta Movement. One of International DnB DJ is Frenzic and play in biggest rave in Jakarta (Jakarta Movement) in 2004.

The present crew takes it to another level by creating a monthly night that currently becomes the longest running serial events in Indonesia. PHUNKTION to this day have run for some 8 odd years and becomes one of the most anticipated and “IT” drum’n’bass party in Jakarta. Many new breed and respected guests from other crew across South East Asia had come to grace the deck at PHUNKTION, displaying their own menacing sets and sound that characterizes unique blend of drum n bass.

A leaner body didn’t seem to hinder on the progress in the making as, even
further, Javabass managed to kick-off a live performance at once 
much-hyped Thursday Riot at PARC, which was a melting pot of punters from 
various background of underground scene.

 Phunktion’s residency at PARC came to an end around December 2005 as PARC succumbed in its battle againts bigger, newer and shinier clubs around the town. Nontheless the party never stopped, moving from one club to another before eventually settling down in 2 venues, The Barons & Marley.

Since 2005, Javabass participate in South East Asia’s drum n bass movement, joining forces with collectives around the region, to strengthen and introduce the Indonesian drum n bass scene in SEA. As a result of this venture, Javabass DJs & MCs have appeared in parties in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia & Bangkow with Australia being set as the next destination.

In 2008 Javabass launch an Album “HOMEGROWN” it’s a compilation of Indonesian Drum ‘n’ Bass and it was also nominated by REDMA as Album of The Year. This album also got a very good review in KL, Singapore and Bangkok. Some of the tunes got big air time in the region and became top 10 in some dance radio chart in Jakarta.

Javabass has been fighting for the cause in spreading Drum’n’Bass throughout Indonesia for over 10 years and the Indonesian Dance community recognize this by awarding Special Dedication Award during REDMA 2009 for its perseverance in spreading the gospel of drum’n’bass.

Some other achievements from Javabass and Javabass crew on the past 9th years are:
– PHUNKTION    : won Paranoia Award 2005 for Best DnB Night,
– Jerome     : Best Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ Paranoia Award 2005, 2006
Best Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ REDMA Award 2007, 2009
– Random     : Best Producer REDMA Award 2009, Best Drum’n’Bass DJ REDMA 2010
– Celcius     : Best Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ REDMA Award 2008
– DFMC     : Best MC Paranoia Award 2005, 2006, 2007
– MC Drift     : Best MC Paranoia Award 2008
– JAVABASS    : Best Live Performance Paranoia Award 2008

Javabass latest program for spreading Drum n Bass in Indonesia is SUB FREQUENCY, it’s a web radio program in  HYPERLINK “” every Thursday 5-7PM, starting from August 2009.