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Hospital Podcast #169 Live

Ever found yourself listening or jumping or partying or even fucking with London Elektricity or High Contrast or Logistics or Camo & Krooked or Danny Byrd? Well you must be familiar with Hospital Records then. And you surely ever heard of their famous Hospital Podcast i bet. Well Tony Colman aka London Elektricity has hosted most of those podcast, and now it counts to number 169. They do the #169 live streaming yesterday and you still can watched the recorded video. There are massive tunes from Technicolour & Komatic, Camo & Krooked, Subwave, Hamilton, Gridlok, and more. Oh, and don’t forget the shouts!

Enjoy the video, or you can download the file here!

London Elektricity Shouts to Javabass Anniversary

On October 28th, 2011, while we’re celebrating Javabass’ 11th Birthday at RELOAD, our good friend Deluciva was preparing herself  in Perth for London Elektricity‘s Australia tour. Its pretty awesome, if you know how great London Elektricity’s impact to the drum’n’bass scene. Here’s what they say in Hospital Records‘ website:

For those that know him and those that don’t, Tony Colman (no ‘e’!) cuts a formidable figure. Having been involved in the D+B scene since the mid-90s, the co-founder of Hospital Records has been instrumental in the development of the genre as we know it today. Responsible for some of Hospital’s biggest anthems (Round The Corner, Different Drum, Just One Second), Tony has cultivated a first class reputation as both a producer and DJ. With an impressive back catalogue of singles, EPs, remixes and no less than five artist albums under his belt, London Elektricity is set to make a big impression on 2011 with his fifth studio album ‘Yikes!’

Well apparently Deluciva had a previlege to sneaked in to the backstage and made a short video of this funny man giving a shout to Javabass’ 11th Anniversary and the drum n bass scene in Indonesia. Enjoy!

London Elektricity Drum Processing

Nice tutorial on how to fatten up your drum. Nice tips for drum’n’bass and other style of music too. So, get creative and create new tracks. When you’re done with your track, send it to us. We’re constantly looking for new talents to be released on our label.