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Photos from PHUNKTION 108 New Years Eve Edition


Happy New Year All … It was a Blast !! Thanks for coming n dance like nobody watching!



Photos from Phunktion 93


Another amazing vibes and sets at Phunktion 93 , thanks everyone that came and rock the night. Here’s some pictures for you to enjoy . See you at the next Phunktion.

More photos after the jump:


Pictures from PHUNKTION:82 with Jebar (Liquid Brilliants, RU) and Sixteen (Dafkaf)


The first PHUNKTION of 2013 was a great way to start our new year. The evening were started by Jerome with some rolling liquid. At midnight, our special guest, Jebar from Russia’s most respected lquid dnb label Liquid Brilliants smashed out the place with great mix of soulful liquid rollers and bouncy ragga. At 1.30 out other guest Sixteen from Dafkaf took over with some organ shaking dub roller before switching it up to all out drum’n’bass half way into his set. Our own Random close out the night with classic liquid roller sets. The evening might started slow but it ended with a bang! Here’s for more great upcoming parties in this upcoming year!


Photos from RELOAD – Javabass’ 12th Anniversary, Nov 10th 2012

RELOAD the Javabass’ 12th Anniversary has officially ended and it surely one of the best and packed night we’ve ever hosted! Dubyouth Soundsystem smashed D’Barons to pieces and the crowd was crazy! There’s even a broken table at the end of the gig, definitely insane gig and we’d like to thank all the junglists and junglettes who’ve supported us in the last 12 years and more to come!

Special thanks to Nareend for the wicked photos!


Photos from PHUNKTION:79 at Maja House, Bandung

PHUNKTION:79 went down last month on 15th of September. Sorry that it took this long to upload the pics. Anyway, Bandung was awesome and the party was rockin’ as you can see the pics below.


Photos from PHUNKTION#74 – March 10, 2012

After a long-awaited Bandung session, at last we’ve rolled Phunktion#74 in Maja House last Saturday. That surely one of the wicked Phunktion ever held with the most of Bandung kids dancing and tearing up that sick place. These are some photos, but too bad we couldn’t make it to take the pictures of those last performers, running outta camera battery it is. But here we go….

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Photos from PHUNKTION:69, 30/7/11

Once again, thank you for coming to PHUNKTION:69. Its the last party we have before we take a month break for the upcoming Ramadhan. Great vibe and atmosphere and we’re looking forward to PHUNKTION:70 in September.


LTJ Bukem at Potato Head, Jakarta

After waiting for so many years, Jakarta’s drum’n’bass massive is finally treated with the presessence of living legend LTJ Bukem. Our friend Ashram Projects sets the gig at Potato Head, Jakarta with proper sounds and the results, the d’n’b heads are coming in drives. The evening started at 10:30 PM with Javabass’ own Random dropping some atmospheric tunes to ease the transformation of Potato Head from restaurant to a party hub. 30 minutes later Jerome took over the decks, delivering some smooth liquid beats before handing the deck back to Random where he upped the energy a few notch. Around 12:30 AM. HE took over the decks from Jerome and took Potato Head into an amazing journey through bass. Here are some pictures from the evening.


I’m not a good writer , but I have to make a report from Bukem Session at Home Club ( Singapore ) for the Javabass Blog , so trying very hard to write this and came out as log journal as far I can remember from that trip ….
Here we goes ….


Saturday 26 February 2011

After a full hectic week at the office & wrapping another blazing Phunktion night at 07.00 with so little time to sleep, I still have to go to my office to make another online revision brief to my tired post editng crew then leaving them a chaos overload deadline for Monday . Then pick up Sintorini & Fyuli at home.

Stepping deep to the gas pedal, I have to race my car 120km/hour to the airport because we only have less than an hour to check in. Already driving dangerously to fast in Jakarta famous traffic, hopelessness start to come and felt we not gonna make it for the flight, especially when we have to completely stop for a view minutes because there is an accident at the highway. Thank god I got a quick overnight parking space..

Fast forward … guess what we are the last 3 people to check in with one other passenger, and we didn’t carry any baggage, so quick check in on the counter. Then the terror begins at the immigration when me and Sinto was trap on the ” Umroh Kloter ” while Fyuli already got through. Dozen 75 + grandma & grandpa are slowing the immigration officer. Minutes feels like hours and my nerve almost blow when hearing the last call of our flight. Feel wanna scream but have to keep smiling to the grandma’s and assist them to move forward. Aaaaaahhh..

After escaping the immigration we run like hell to the flight gate … and damm its the furthest … now my heartbeat is 200 bpm i guess …. and thinking when we arrive the plane already taxied away .


We run until the plane door and thank god they still on the ground. Got the back seat and take off with racing heartbeat in our chests. So Thirsty…. not until 30 minutes on the flight we got the drinks….all of a sudden then  bumpy rides begin  Oh noooo….  anyway we have to fly through this bad weather … time to pray …

19.00 PM

Waking up violently when the pilot touches down at Changi and it was raining quite hard but thank god we landed safely. After all airport business done & seeing the same grandpa that collects trolley, we go straight to the MRT to the city. Little bit more relax on the MRT cause its quite far and will take a while, well just disappointed why my government still can’t manage to have this kinda public transportation back home…

And another scene that so different than home … everybody in the MRT are wearing headphones and looking video clips or playing games on their I Phone 4 … from 5 years old overweight girl  to a grandpa with stick … even a Sing chick use it for checking up her make up .. Wow.. the only two using BB is Sintorini & Fyuli, and their Indonesian and in the middle of their BB autism , and i am to shame to pull out my 2g version…..  Oh god …I want my I Phone 4 pleaseee !!!!!


Arriving at Raffles Place to meet   Zul Subvert, Rini & his brother , food is the only thing in our mind now, lucky Rini take us straight to food hall,  we gonna eat the famous Singaporean ” Chili Crab ”  ..Oh my God .. makyuss lah pokoke  … enak sokilll . Can’t described with words …sorry guys makan dulu.

11.30 PM

After catching some old stories at the chili crab and Fyuli desperately need to find “colokan” to charge her BB … “well Indonesian you know la” , The Subvert  crew drop us straight to Home Club for the Bukem Session , but we arrive quite early so still have time to wash up, change clothes and relaxing little bit , even i can  unload my self .. what a relief … now  we are ready for the party, the bass already rolling phat inside from Ming as the first line up .


The nice weather make us hang out side Home for an hour, meeting & chat with some friends and waiting for Calima to take its effect.


Bukem finally hitting the decks and Conrad is on the Mic. The atmosphere inside Home definitely changes into euphoria and energy. Although Home is not as pack when Dj Marky play,  but it is much hotter,  I guess the aircon not function properly,  ….kipas  … mana kipass.

I don’t care because I was waiting this moment for the past 15 years since I first got into drum n bass and the all the hassle getting here. Finally we got to see LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad live where before we can only hear their mix tapes & albums. He start away with a lot of new tunes that I never heard before , I’m so happy listening a lot DnB tunes for the first time in a proper sound , surprise bass line always gets me.

The energy constantly pick up all the way through his set, filling up the room with a lot of his famous deep bass-line  & liquid atmospheric pads  & not forget the constantly thin Amen breaks cutting through the sub frequencies and always try to switch it between 2 decks…. Classic Bukem style.

Not only beautiful music came out the speakers but Conrad legendary warm voice is filling the room to and he makes you thrill  to hear it , switching between MCing to keep the crowd hype up, he sings a lot, especially when they put their famous vocal tunes, the girls definitely scream their lung out and dance their feet of  on the wet dance floor.

After 1 hour we are sweating like hell and need some fresh air, going outside for breathe and quick smoke, we rush inside again for the second hour of Bukem Session, the journey goes on. There is no wobbling Jump Up, Techstep stuff or the trending Drumstep tunes from them, its full of pure deep uplifting soulful drum n bass business, blending futuristic beats & soundscapes with jazz , soul, & funk .  People are really having a good time.. They smile , jump and  dance like nobodies watching,  Its all good.

Here ‘s some video , sorry about the low quality :

Getting deeper into the second hour, he begun to play many of the famous classic stuff back from 96 like ” Horizons ” and  ” Atlantis ” even though keeping the energy very high level and Conrad never stops singing soulful lyrics with his amazing voice. If I’m not skipping… 3 rewinds that night with perfect timing.

Awsome set & vibe.

Bukem set finish around 03.30 with a big applause from the crowd, after that Singapore local legend, Dj Kiat step up to deck and continue the party with his unique style of Duby minimal jump up rollers cuts and accompanied with a female MC that sing with a powerful vocal to … I guess its their own tunes that they play … very cool and nicely produced, another different style of drum n bass. Kiat please send me those dubs … I want that SG sound…. woohoo….


Exhausted feeling is crawling inside us, so we go outside to sit and find fresh air, by good change we ended hanging out with Ajay, Ungku, Ming & the owners from Home Club also the legends them self. Chatting with Bukem about our emails with him year ago, we realized that he is a very nice and friendly person yet he give us another surprise, that he said going to play in Jakarta on 18 March…. Oh My Gosh….. I thought it was still Calima thats speaks…. No it’s for REAL!!! …Jakarta get ready to roll…


When finally home closed, we still chatting outside and realized we have to go back to the airport, our flight is at 10 am. We still have plenty of time so Ajay & Ungku take us for some breakfast near the airport for some dim sum. Hanging out for an hour waiting the sun go up, fyuli still on the “colokan ” hunt  ( get i phone girl ) and the rest are trap in cycle of Paradise In Bali stories and the Singaporean racist jokes, we laugh until our jaw is cram … well Calima is still here … i guess Singaporean is bored being Singaporean … and Ungku …I think our Indome is better than your MaggieMie.


Ajay & Ungku  dropped us at then airport, wait a half hour  for check in then we go inside with an hour and half before the flight, so ” Judulnya ” airport shopping while BB charging, the girls hunt perfumes and duty free alcohols , my self got  3.5 Star Wars Sandtrooper figure in vintage style card for discount price … yeeiy.

Finally after  the last security hustle while boarding on the plane, our plane take off to the sky. Watching the beautiful clouds and rewinding last night  snapshot in our head  we finally feel a sleep.


Landed safely in Cengkareng we go straight to Hoka Bento because we are so starving. Then we pick up the car at the parking lot and go back to Jakarta. I’m so tired and sleepy, only the feeling of happiness for this amazing journey  can wake me up for driving the car  … all of a sudden I realized that i have go straight to the office to check the editing work  for final presentation  on Monday …AAAAHHHHH ….. zombies mode on.

I guess you all already know LTJ Bukem  gonna play here in Jakarta on 18 march at Potato Head. Many thanks go to Ashram Project to make this happen. To bad that Conrad didn’ join in this time, it will be super perfect if he did, but most important for our beloved scene here, this is the first time any UK DnB dj play in Jakarta since the last time with DJ Frenzic at Jakarta Movement 04, so excitement will be high after waiting for 7 years, and this time is not an ordinary DJ but carried a legend title with in his name, not only special in the Drum N Bass universe but also well known in the other dance music scene, because his unique sound,  and the skills in djing , the producing quality is first class, and this is constantly since the 90’s so experience is unquestionable .  If you wanna know more about Bukem just go to his site: .

So to all junglist out there  … OldSkool or  NuSkool and also all ravers that maybe not into the DnB scene but love & carve for  good quality soulful dance music …I recommended you to prepare and come for this one  ….. “wajib hukumnya ” not only because this is a lifetime experience & the importance moment for our scene, also to show  the legend what are the Indonesian junglist its all about , I know you all can rock the dance floor …..

Its only 100k so don’t miss it … ” nyesel klo nggak ” . See you guys bounce  & roll  at Potato Head…..

( now I’m praying very hard  Phead can take this bare …. 😛 )


Cooly G (Hyperdub, UK) at Proper, Jakarta

Cooly G from Hyperdub, UK came to grace the decks at Jakarta’s first dub night PROPER. We showed up late due to earlier engagement so when we walked in Cooly was already on, dropping some hyped up 4-4 beats that totally rocked the crowd. Good music, too bad there weren’t that many people to witnessed it. Here are some picts from last night’s party.

Photos from Upsalute Blackout, 28/01/11

Photo courtesy of Triska Nurani