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PhunktionOntour cover 3

For anyone that couldn’t get the CD at last Phunktion87 in Bali , here is the uploaded & Streaming version of the PHUNKTION ON TOUR MIX series , No 1 presented by Jerome. You can check out what are the hottest tunes rolling on the Phunktion nights right now . Not only from international labels also some of the latest Javabass Recording releases and also some other Indonesian respected  Label like Invert Rec , Laxity Rec , and 3 exclusives unreleased dubs from Excalibour , RNRM remix by Do Ear  & Digital Ivy remixes of Numbera’s Soul brother .

To Listen & download the mix just go to Jerome ‘s Mixcloud here :

Random – Bass In Yo Face Session:06 (Free Download)

We’re back with the 6th installment of ‘Bass In Yo Face’. This time aroud we’re taking you into a journey in various styles of drum & bass. We started with some smooth liquid tune and it only gets harder from there! Enjoy!

p.s. we’re using this new service from which lets you upload DJ mixtape that is downloadable and 100% free without download limit or any other restrictions.

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OSGD – Jump! Jump! Jump! (free mixtape)

Brand new mix tape from Javabass’ newest member OSGD. It’s 93% fuckin’ dirty jump up he said! I thought it’s closer to 98% but whatever… it’s dirty for sure and it’s slammin’.

Trakclist after the jump…


Random – Bass In Yo Face Session: 04

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s a brand new episode of Bass In Yo Face. We’re up to our 4th episode and this time around we’re changing things a lil’ bit by doing a dubstep, UK Bass set. Yup, no drum & bass this time around. I hope you guys like it.

Ravelex Stereo Session 29: Jerome (Javabass)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Our friend DJ Jerome from Javabass had his mix featured in Ravelex Stereo Session: 29. Nice DNB set!

FYI, Jerome recently was awarded Drum’n’Bass DJ Of The year at this year’s REDMA. REDMA is the premier Indonesian dance music award.

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Random – Bass In Yo Face Session:03

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s the 3rd episode to Random’s Bass In Yo Face Session. This time around he change up things a lil’ bit by dropping more minimal, darker sound. Let’s save the anthems for upcoming PHUNKTION:74 in Bandung guys!

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BIMA G feat DMZ, DFMC, DRIFT Live at Phunktion #60 – Dance Republic 2010

Here comes another mix by the only Bima G, featuring DMZ, DFMC, and Drift recorded live at Phunktion #60 on Dance Republic 2010. Everybody juuuuump!

BIMA G feat. DMZ, DFMC, Drift Live at Phunktion #60 – Dance Republic 2010

Celcius feat. Drift, DMZ, DFMC Live at Phunktion #60 – Dance Republic 2010

Here comes another mix from the massive Phunktion #60. Recorded live at PHUNKTION:60 – Dance Republic 2010, Celcius, along with Drift, DMZ, and DFMC, brings damage to the dancefloor and make bodies moooves!

Celcius feat. Drift, DMZ, DFMC Live at Phunktion #60 – Dance Republic 2010

DMZ feat DFMC & MC DRIFT Live at PHUNKTION:60 – Dance Republic 2010

Here’s another mix taken from the Javabass Crew sound vault. Recorded live at PHUNKTION:60 – Dance Republic 2010, its a set from DMZ (Junglizta) along with Javabass’ own DFMC and MC Drift. Wiickeeed!

DMZ feat DFMC & MC DRIFT Live at PHUNKTION 60 – Dance Republic 2010

RANDOM feat MC Drift Live at Phunktion 60 – Dance Republic 2010

Random & Drift - Phunktion 60

Moving forward for the Phunktion 60 at Dance Republic sets, next will be Dj Random alongside with MC Drift lifted the area 1 level up. So listen it at our MIXCLOUD broadcast :

Random live @ PHUNKTION:60 Dance Republic 2010

More sets coming up … DMZ, Celcius , Bima G …stay tune !!

Dieselboy Unleashed!

As a drum’n’bass DJ that grew up in the state, I (that would be yours trully, Random) always admired the one dj we all know as Dieselboy. He has been the ambassador of North American drum’n’bass scene since back when it was considered 2nd rate by their UK cousins. He was the first North American drum’n’bass DJs to be taken seriously in the UK. Of course nowaday, the drum’n’bass landscape is a whole different one with producers and djs from all over the world out and about representing.

I used to collect all of his ambitious mix CDs up to his last one “The Human Resource”. After 2 1/2 years he finally unleashed his latest and best studio mix to date in the form of a free download titled “UNLEASHED!”. The reasoning behind making it a free giveaway was to make an uncompromising track selections without having to worries about licensing and all those other legal matters. So what are you waiting for? Go to the following link and get downloading.

Tracklist is available after the jump


DTX Live at PHUNKTION:60 mix

DTX, one of Javabass Recordings artist tear it up at PHUNKTION’s special edition in Jakarta’s Massive Dance Republic. Here’s his set.

DTX live at PHUNKTION:60 Dance Republic

Mistral live w/ 4 MCs at PHUNKTION:63

Mistral threw down this wicked sets during our last PHUNKTION at The Barons. The set is heavy and worth checkin’ out. She is indeed the first lady of Indonesian drum’n’bass!

update: apparently wordpress is not allowing me to embed a flash player here. so here’s the link to the mixcloud page.

Mistral live w/ 4 MCs at PHUNKTION:63